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How do I treat my Accordion

How do I treat my Accordion

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The accordion means pleasure and relaxation to many people. So every owner of this musical instrument will want it to be in good condition for as long as possible. What must be done to achieve this?


The Fig. on the left shows how to place the instrument into the case and how to take it out.

Play in a new accordion piano to mezzo forte (low to medium loudness) for about 4 weeks. Later on you may start playing forte (loudly) gradually.This will increase the stability of the reeds
and extend the sound volume.


When not using the accordion keep it in the case. It is advisable to cover the instrument in the case with a soft piece of cloth to protect it from dust and moisture. Music stands do not belong in the case!

Keep your accordion in a dry room. When taking the instrument from a cold place into a warm room adjust it to the temperature there by opening the lid of the case and allow the cold air in the case to warm up. After about 30 minutes the instrument will be ready for playing.


Before beginning to play depress the air button, opening and closing the bellows several times to adjust the reeds in the accordion to the different temperature too.

A change in the temperature will cause the instrument to get steamed up. Wiping off this steam is not good for the instrument. The steam will go by itself after a short time.


Humid air and great heat are very bad for any instrument. At a temperature between 45 - 50 °C the wax used for fixing the reed plates will soften and the plates may come off. Therefore expose your accordion neither to direct solar radiation nor to a radiator.

Although every accordion is able to withstand shocks to a certain degree it may happen that the reed plates get loose owing to heavy shocks and blows, for instance, when the instrument is put down vigorously. Besides, the casing may be.

Even with the best of care each instrument will fall of in its performance in the course of the years and need repairing. Do not try to eliminate any defects by yourself but consult an expert.
It is better to do without the instrument for a short time and to get it back in perfect condition than to cause irreparable damage to it by improper repair.



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